The Most Popular Online Nursing Schools in NJ


New Jersey or NJ is a melting pot of both people and cultures. Situated between the Atlantic Ocean, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, it is a hotspot for American culture, history and politics. Best of all, it offers a rewarding opportunity for qualified professional nurses. With a population of almost nine million people, the state of New Jersey is considered as the most populated in the US and offers an abundance of nursing jobs. New Jersey, although not the biggest state has a very high per capita income, including nurses. The demand for registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and even nurse practitioners (NPs) is high and very stable.


In anticipation to the overpopulation problem that the state of New Jersey may face in the near future, they have created a plan for educating more nurses before the impending shortage becomes a crisis in that state. Accordingly, New Jersey has established top notch programs at all nursing institutions. such as community colleges, universities, technical schools, and teaching hospitals.

For your nursing credentials, you need to acquire an appropriate proof of eligibility before you can practice as a nurse in NJ. Specifically, you should present a diploma for finishing a bachelor’s degree from any accredited nursing program or as associate. Also, you’ll need to hurdle the NCLEX-RN ( a state sponsored exam) to become a licensed practitioner in NJ.

The various degree programs include Anatomy, Adult Care, Holistic, Family Care, Home Health, Behavioral/Mental and Psychiatry, Neurology, Nutrition, Orthopedics, Pharmacology, Physiology, Pediatrics, Respiratory Medicine, ICU, Surgical, and others.


Nursing Degree Programs in New Jersey:

Transition programs for nurses:

> All Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to Registered Nurse (RN) Programs in NJ

> All RN to Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) Programs in NJ

Graduate programs for nurses:

> All Masters in Nursing Programs in NJ

> All PhD and DNP in Nursing Programs in NJ

> All Nurse Practitioner Programs in NJ

Entry level nursing programs:

> All LPN/LVN Programs in NJ

> All Associate Degree Nursing Programs in NJ

> All Four-Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs in NJ

> All Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs in NJ


More than 60 nursing schools are currently operating in New Jersey, some of which are top recommendees, as follows: Seton Hall University, Rutgers, the state university, College of New Jersey, Lincoln Technical Institute, The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Incidentally, scholarships are not difficult to find in NJ. Some of the well-known scholarships include the Hoffmann-Laroche Scholarships, the New Jersey State Nurses Association Research Grants, and the New Jersey League for Nursing Scholarship.


Online schools for nursing are much in demand owing to the present computer technology through the internet. The reason is obvious, online schools are open to interested students not only in New Jersey but throughout the whole world where the internet is available. They are therefore presented in this article in a clearer manner to prospective enrollees, as follows:

Bellevue University

Provides an affordable education you need that will set you apart from the rest. It is a non-profit, fully-accredited and private institution. The university is dedicated and determined to help you earn your degree in preparation for your career advancement.

Selected Campus Locations:

> Online

Selected Programs:

> Nursing (RN to BSN) – BS

Capella University

It is an accredited institution with its online degree programs available in five schools, Capella University is dedicated to help you achieve your goals through excellent educational experience.

Selected Campus Locations:

> Online

Selected Programs:

> DNP – BSN-to-DNP (CCNE-accredited)

> MSN – Nursing, General (CCNE-accredited)

> MSN – RN-to-MSN Nursing, General (CCNE-accredited)

> MSN – RN-to-MSN Nursing Informatics (CCNE-accredited)

Grand Canyon University

Affordable and outstanding Nursing Degree Programs are offered at Grand Canyon University’s College of Nursing & Health Care Professions.

Selected Campus Locations:

> Online

Selected Programs:

> B.S. in Nursing (Registered Nurse – R.N. to B.S.N)

> M.S. in Nursing: Health Care Informatics (Bridge)

> M.S. in Nursing: Public Health (Bridge)

> M.S. in Nursing with an Emphasis in Leadership in Health Care Systems (Bridge)

Colorado Technical University Online

Obtaining a degree from CTU links you to a real-world professional faculty, a powerful professional network, and modern innovative technology.

Selected Campus Locations:

> Online

Selected Programs:

> Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN completion)


Indeed the number of online nursing schools in NJ are more than enough to accommodate nursing aspirants not only from that state but from all over the world, as well. This is a welcome development for students abroad who, in the future, may want to migrate to the US and settle permanently in NJ as a professional nurse. Soon, with its advanced nursing schools and the booming population, New Jersey will surely become the nursing capital of the world, if it’s not yet one as of now.